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Always Explore & Discover Possibilities

Dedicated To Maximise Your Return On Investment

Moving into Spring and the last quarter of the year do not slow us down. Midas is proud to have a highly dedicated team with strong commitment to company values and philosophy in offering premium projects and exceptional customer care alongside building each customer’s property portfolio through property investment. We continue to explore opportunities, overcoming challenges, accomplishing goals and meeting expectations. Lets make the last quarter of 2018 exciting and fruitful!

Midas Team On Duty

Exploring Opportunities

Discovering Next Hot Spot

Midas has a wide network in the property industry especially with highly reputable property developers in South East Queensland. We often get invited to explore first hand on upcoming quality projects and discover hidden hot spot with potential market growth within few years. Midas team loves project run and excited to explore opportunities for our clients. New projects are coming soon, meanwhile take a look at our current and past projects, click here.

Project Updates

Bloom Estate

Perfectly located between two major cities in SEQ

Almost sold out, this centrally located estate with 4Bedders H&L from $478k is currently under construction with significant progress has been made throughout September. The civil and electrical teams commenced works inc.preparation of roads, the finalisation of lots and the installation of electrical, communication and gas services. View current construction status flyover click here.

Location, Location, Location!

Simple Tips to Guide You

Top 10 TIPS for Choosing The Best Location

Location! Location! Location! It is one of the key elements to ensure strong long-term capital growth in property investment. Therefore necessary homework is required before making your next big decision in buying a property. To make it simple for you to start with, here are some tips to help you identify the best location.

Event Flashback

Midas Spring Fun

Welcomed Spring and Celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival

Joined by families and friends of Midas last Saturday (22/09), we were delighted to have a fun afternoon at the Sky Badminton in Logan Central. In addition of badminton challenges on the field with casual and professional players from all ages, there were irresistible treats prepared included mooncakes for Mid-Autumn festival, kid playzone with jumping castle and fun quiz with prizes. Thank you all who attended and we looking forward to see you again soon!

Friendly Reminder

Tax Return Deadline 31st Oct 2018

Don’t miss the cut off date of lodging tax return for last Financial Year

If you have not submit your tax return, it is time to take action and finalise your submission by 31st of October. Express your interest by emailing to for relevant workshop to learn more about reviewing tax return before lodgement or financial planning on investment property. Otherwise, stay tuned for next coming up Midas workshop.