Midas Real Estate


Why Midas

We were inspired by the book called “Midas Touch” written by two entrepreneurial icons, Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki, in which they share experiences and insights into creating and building successful business. Midas Real Estate will endeavour to help investors to build a solid property portfolio and provide support in achieving success on other aspects of life.

What is philosophy of Midas Real Estate?

We often ask ourselves a question: why we invest and what is the ultimate goal for investment? Some people say” make the money by work hard in order to retire early and enjoy the financial freedom”. We believe the purpose is living a meaningful and happy life with our loved ones and make the world a better place with the little extra we can do!

What makes Midas Real Estate stand out in this competitive market?

Competition creates more opportunities, it offers customer the chance to choose better products and services, it also regulates the market with higher standards of professionalism, which is beneficial for all the parties in the market.

Our willingness to go the extra mile to offer enjoyable experience and peace of mind make us different, referrals and repeat clients are the best acknowledgement.

Our value and belief is: “Intention, Integrity, Innovation” which is reflected in the service we are striving to provide.

How can you help the clients build a sustainable property portfolio?

Plan: We all have different goals in life. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail. We firstly help you set up a strategic plan to suit your goals.

People: A group of professionals are the biggest asset to your success, surround yourself by them and leveraging their knowledge and experience in aspects such as strategy, tax, finance, legal, research, property management etc.

Persistence: Our team provide ongoing support and service to keep you updated with market trends and regularly review your situation to make sure you are always on the right track towards your goal.

What is the future plan for Midas Real Estate?

Steven Jobs said “ The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. As investors ourselves, we are fortunate enough to do what we love and also help clients along their investment journey. Where the future taking us depends on the seeds that we plant today and how solid the foundation is. We sincerely wish everyone a prosperous future as well as a healthy and happy life!