The Olympic

Last Saturday, in celebration of the Rio Olympics Midas Real Estate held the Midas Olympics 2016. The day was all about capturing the Olympic spirit of participation, teamwork, fair play and having fun in our everyday lives.

The Team

We were thrilled to have over 60 participants and supporters attend the event. The day started where all participants were decked out in their team colours, and came up with their team names: team Power Dragon, team Wolves, team Tigers & team Polar Be

The Games

During the day all teams fiercely battled it out over four activities: Beach Volleyball, Running Relay, Tug-of-War and finally, Dodgeball. It was a close competition, with only 2 points separating the four teams at the end of the day. Congratulations team Power Dragon who were the winners of these shiny Gold Medals!

Olympic Spirits

We were so delighted with the feedback, with some participants stating this has been the most fun they’ve had in years! Thank you to all those who that attended and made it truly a remarkable day!

Thank You

Thanks for all the Olympian for participation, and we are looking forward to our next Midas Olympics.

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A challenge for indoor rock climbing

Midas, together with clients and friends, met at Urban Climb, West End to undertake our “love, friendship, health” challenge – indoor rock climbing.

Rock climbing challenges strength, endurance and courage. At the same time, it also requires a team of two people to complete, one to climb and one to stand guard (belaying) – a true test of team spirit.

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