Gold Coast Marathon

On the last day of Jun 2018, Midas team joined the crowd of thousands in the Gold Coast Marathon Airport fun run and completed the 5.7km track.

Team Midas

With many of us being first time in marathon, it has once again a great evidence of brave and tough with strong believe of achieving in challenges. One of our team member-Sandy has even finished her 1st marathon in 10km within 55 minutes!

Well done, team Midas! Lets plan our next marathon!

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A challenge for indoor rock climbing

Midas, together with clients and friends, met at Urban Climb, West End to undertake our “love, friendship, health” challenge – indoor rock climbing.

Rock climbing challenges strength, endurance and courage. At the same time, it also requires a team of two people to complete, one to climb and one to stand guard (belaying) – a true test of team spirit.

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