Property Investment & Management Essentials

A two hours workshop designed to meet expectation of many property investors as a result of numerous queries in property management advice. We are delighted to welcome specialist from leading Landlord Protection insurer and also sharing tips and advice by our Property Management team on the night.

Andrew Ashurst
Landlord Insurance Partner Qld
Terri Scheer Landlord Insurance

Andrew is one of 7 Landlord Insurance partners working for Terri Scheer whom responsible in communicating with distributor agents by providing them products and services knowledge and advice. Also, Andrew has over 14  years financial services experience with Terri Scheer since he joined the company in 2004. H is also member of the Business Relationship Team liaising with Real Estates and Landlords.our own text

Yoyo Chen
Founder of Midas Real Estate
B.Acc, JP

A down to earth entrepreneur with great passion in property field, Yoyo has been committed in offering tailored investment services to over hundreds of clients in the past 10 years. She has successfully built her reputation within the industry whilst gaining high referrals from existing clients. Her professionalism is well recognised and trusted by many well-know property developers, accountants, solicitors and brokers. Yoyo is leading Midas team to take pride in providing ongoing professional, customised services to first home owners and savvy investor.

Andrew from Terri Scheer Insurance has given a thorough presentation about the importance and essentials of Landlord Protection Policy with details such as items covered and limits, differences in excess where Terri Scheer offers ONE CLAIM ONE EXCESS regardless of number of items claimed. Andrew also given policy insights and few case studies to clarify myths and questions in Landlord Protection Insurance. Followed by Midas Property Management team introduced and explained Midas services in Property Management.

The night was finalised by a special reveal of an unique and very limited project in Indooroopilly – The Tallows.