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Richard Madsen

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George Anderson

Avada’s CEO

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How often is the routine inspection conducted?2021-07-13T22:46:51+10:00

We are committed to inspecting our clients properties in line with the legislation every 4 months to ensure the tenant is caring for the property in a satisfactory manner. We prepare detailed report with photos to show the general condition of the property together with any recommendations or maintenance required.

What is your marketing method?2021-07-13T23:08:31+10:00

We will list your property on with highest tier listing method, allowing it reaches more prospective tenant. We also use “For Lease” sign board to attract local renters.

How do you charge management fee?2021-07-13T22:39:29+10:00

Landlords should not necessarily use the agent who offers the lowest fees and commission. The fee should be compared with the level of service and expertise provided. With agents fees being tax deductible the benefits of negotiating will be minimal while the compromise of service could not be greater.

How often do I receive statement?2021-07-13T22:42:56+10:00

Each month we prepare and forward a detailed statement for your properties. The statement provides the paid to dates and the amount collected, together with any disbursements paid. We also provide an end of financial year statement to assist with your annual tax return.

Do you have owners portal?2021-07-13T23:17:39+10:00

Yes, we invite all landlord to register our online portal, where you can find useful information such as lease agreement, maintenance work orders, tenancy ledges, rental statement, etc.

I have multiple properties, can I transfer them to Midas rental?2021-07-13T23:26:46+10:00

Yes, of course, many of our landlord have chosen to consolidate their property portfolio to our management, not only it removes the headache of communication, and with our online portal, everything is in one place with same format, it also make it easier for accountant at end of financial year tax return. By the way we also offer completive rate and discount for our VIP client with multiply properties under our management.


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