About Us

Who we are

Our name “Midas” is derived from the famous book written by two entrepreneurial icons, Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki titled “The Midas Touch”. Their book shares their experiences and insights into building successful businesses which have made them into the successful entrepreneurs that they are today. This inspired us to begin our journey in building wealth for our clients through property investment. We aim to develop our own Midas touch so that each investment solution we provide to our clients, also turns to gold.

The Midas Touch

Rather than simply being focused on selling a product, our main focus is helping our clients find the right property solution for their needs. Midas endeavours to assist investors by building their property portfolio through implementing a diverse range of investment strategies to achieve their goals. Midas prides itself on its willingness to go the extra mile to offer an enjoyable investment experience and peace of mind to our clients, which makes us different to a traditional real estate firm.

Our Approach

We selectively work with Developers whom we’ve built strong relationships with over the years, to offer exclusive investment opportunities to our clients. At Midas, we do all the hard work for our clients by carefully sourcing and selecting unique projects that present great value, growth and potential in-line with our client’s investment goals. We take pride in the success of the projects we recommend to our clients.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is based on making investing easy for all types of investors.  To achieve this, we believe in the three “I’s”- Intention, Integrity and Innovation.


As a Midas client, our intention is to always look after your best interests. We are investors ourselves so we completely understand your needs and any concerns you may have. We always strive to provide the best service, and the best acknowledgment of this is our repeat clients and referrals.


We believe that good and honest business practices are essential to grow and sustain a company in the long run, so we act with the utmost integrity in all our dealings with our clients.


At Midas we believe in a culture of innovation, which promotes inventive thinking and creative problem solving. We are constantly evolving with the property market and trends, so we are able to create more effective property solutions for our clients.

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